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Poetry from Joy Harjo

This is My Heart by Joy Harjo Read more...Collapse )
A little longer than I had planned but .... Read more...Collapse )

one word poetry - abstract

Abstract ... or is it? Read more...Collapse )

New Poetry

Not necessarily one of my better pieces, but it -just- came to me. (So, please be gentle, this poem is still very raw).

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Another winter poem ... :-)

A new poem

Remember the one word poetry?

One word, sixty seconds, go!

Today's word was "Below" Read more...Collapse )
Thought this might be fun. Enjoy!

This is actually a multiple choice option :-)

Write a poem based on one (or more) of the following prompts:

A) An erotic Christmas/Winter memory/fantasy

B) A winter tragedy

C) A winter celebration/happy surprise

D) Having to put a beloved pet to sleep on Xmas morning/having a loved one die on (or near) Xmas

E) Describe an awesome Yule myth/ritual/experience

F) What happened THIS Holiday season (Yule, Xmas, etc - your choice)

G) Write a fury about the holiday season

H) Write a love poem to the season

I) New Year's Resolutions - either write a poem listing them, or venting about your feelings one way or the other about resolutoins

J) Whatever you feel moved to write. But even if you only write your grocery list in poem form , try to write something. :-) (*pictures a poem titled "letter to my pantry"* Hehe.)