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We have a printer again. Which leaves me hopeful that I will get the chance to print off all of my poems so far. I can't believe that I have written over 500 poems at this point in my life. Of course some of these are crap, others are mediocre, but some, if I do say so myself, are really good. :-)

Yay, poetry!

Oh, and just for your enjoyment, here's a poem by Marge Piercy (she wrote this one for Joy Harjo, another poet I adore).

Still the Desert (by Marge Piercy)
________________________for Joy Harjo

Daughter of the desert
turning like earth itself between
the red sun and the black moon
can you find what you need
beneath a tangle skein of freeways?

It is all desert still, although
the city fathers have sucked water
from the mountains to pretend
this is a huge oasis
with dry rivers of cement.

Will the right dates of beginning
and ending fall from the palms
into your palm? Will the night
winds whisper the syllables
of your secret name of power?

You will sit on the continent's back door
step and let the restless waters
carry to your feet a message
not in a bottle but in a poisoned
fish whose scales shine in the dark.

Words and music, music and words
gyre from you on the night where cars
swarm like locusts and oil wells
in yards pump their heart's blood.
Your blood runs underground here.

Your sacred beauty is dangerous.
You bring fire into a tend of plastic wrap.
Words are helium. You could ignite
them or yourself: a poet kneeling
on a dump of used and wasted images.

(from her book, "Colors Passing Through")



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